Trailer Units

X4 Series (7300 & 7500)

A proven platform, advanced performance, low noise and low cost operation are just some of the many features that make Carrier trailer units the world standard. Our innovative technology provides reliable and sustainable products that are designed to meet the needs of every customer application.

The X4 platform features a smarter large-displacement 2.2-liter engine equipped with enhanced sensors and an electric control module. The engine continually communicates with the APX Control System to optimize performance and eliminate wasted power. The result: an ultra-high-efficiency platform that generates higher capacity and performance using significantly less power. That means X4 engines operate using fewer run hours at lower speeds, increasing their durability and reliability.

For more details about the X4 platform, check out True Power of Blue.

X4_UtlraHighCapacityUltra High Capacity

The X4 Series establishes the benchmark for extreme performance, delivering fast pulldown, precise temperature control and peace of mind for the most demanding applications.

X4_UltraHighEfficiencyUltra High Efficiency

EcoFORWARD technologies deliver significant fuel savings as well as higher performance, lighter weight, lower operating costs and compliance with 2013 EPA emissions regulations.

Proven Reliability

The enhanced platform now includes proven high efficiency components from our Vector series and an industry-leading warranty.

X4_APXControlSystemAPX Control System

The modular APX system combines control intelligence, temperature control and system reliability with amazingly simple operation.

X4_LowerCostOwnershipLower Cost of Ownership

Combining innovative engineering with a straightforward, practical design means less fuel consumption, reduced engine run hours and lower maintenance costs.

Condenser Dimensions 76.4 in. x 85.7 in. x 22.8 in.
Evaporator Dimensions 66.3 in. x 45.2 in. x 8.2 in.
Body Opening 66.8 in. x 46.0 in.
Approximate Weight 1,610 lb. (7300)

1,620 lb. (7500)

Remote 50-gallon aluminum fuel tank with mounting brackets: 65 lb.

Battery: 50 lb.
Cooling Capacity Ambient at 100° F
Applied System Performance 3,050 cfm