Truck Units

Supra 860

Supra 860 offers exceptional reliability and performance for better load protection and quality in larger trucks. The Supra line of diesel-powered truck refrigeration units is designed to meet the needs of all work trucks—from small-sized vehicles transporting perishable items across town to the industry’s largest trucks requiring high-powered performance.

    • Superior capacity and airflow offer maximum product protection.
    • Extended service intervals for maximum asset utilization.
    • Heavy-duty, high-displacement compressor runs slower for exceptional operating life.
    • Combines all the latest technological developments to offer maximum reliability, performance and flexibility.
Condenser Dimensions 34.5 ft3
Evaporator Dimensions 10.4 ft3
Evaporator Depth 28.7 in.
Approximate Weight 1,055 lbs. with standby
Cooling Capacity Ambient at 100° F (38°C)
Speed 2,300 rpm diesel/60-hertz electric operation
Evaporator Performance 1,600 cfm (2,720 m3/hr)