Truck Units

Supra 760

Supra 760 has shown proven reliability for medium-sized trucks with millions of operating hours under the most demanding conditions. The Supra line of diesel-powered truck refrigeration units is designed to meet the needs of all work trucks—from small-sized vehicles transporting perishable items across town to the industry’s largest trucks requiring high-powered performance.

    • The industry standard for reliability ensures lower overall cost of operation.
    • Exceptional capacity and air flow mean dependability and multiple application flexibility.
    • The sleek, space-saving skin design is lightweight, low-noise and damage-resistant.
    • Extended service intervals for maximum asset utilization.
Condenser Dimensions 34.5 ft3
Evaporator Dimensions 7.7 ft3
Evaporator Depth 24.9 in.
Approximate Weight 978 lbs. with standby
Cooling Capacity Ambient at 100° F (38°C)
Speed 2,400 rpm diesel/60-hertz electric operation
Evaporator Performance 1,500 cfm (2,550 m3/hr)